AEW Sends & Deletes Hilarious Tweet Directed At Impact Wrestling (

Felix Upton

Impact Wrestling will host the new AEW World Champion Kenny Omega’s first statement after winning the title from Jon Moxley. This new relationship between AEW and Impact Wrestling is very real.

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AEW’s official Twitter account sent a tweet directed at Impact Wrestling after AEW Dynamite this week. Along with an animated gif from the movie “Step Brothers,” they said “Hi Impact Wrestling” while using a waving hand emoji.

The animated gif they used showed Will Ferrell’s character asking John C. Reilly’s if they just became best friends. The answer, of course, is “YEP!”

Interestingly enough, AEW deleted that tweet within minutes, but we saved a screenshot.

We’ll have to see what’s to come in this new friendship, but the two companies might become a very close pair soon enough. 2020 was a very interesting year, and 2021 is looking to be a very unique experience as well.