Posted by on March 16, 2020 9:29 am

Alexa Bliss reveals how many times she’s had breast surgery.

Uhh. Where to start?! Lol while on Twitter over the weekend Alexa Bliss told the world! Or a fan on twitter how many times she’s had breast surgery aka a boob job. Which is something quite common for ladies of the WWE.

Evolution of a Goddess πŸ’–

Alexa posted a photo of herself as a little kid, and a side by side of her more recently showing her big smile! Showing how similar her smile was now and then. Leading to a fan suggesting that Alexa must not have had any surgeries.

Some things never change 😁

But according to Alexa she has only had surgery 4 times … All in the same place.

Anyone who knows Alexa’s backstory, knows Alexa suffered from self image issues growing up … That’s as far as I’ll go on that. So it’s good to see her being so open and honest with fans. She could possibly be the most adored WWE female in history! Well hope you enjoyed that quick, but insightful read Chair Bears πŸ˜‚! Deuces ✌🏼