Bret Hart and British Bulldog for IC Title at Summerslam 92

In the first ever major WWF pay-per-view on a different continent, Bret Hart and the British Bulldog closed out the show in London, England. This one was for the coveted Intercontinental Championship and seen by over 80,000 spectators. 

Davey Boy Smith had married Bret’s sister, Diana. So, of course, both men wanted to take the other down to bring home the belt. 

As far as the finish of the match, both wrestlers had attempted their own finishing moves with the other being able to kick out. The conclusion of the 24 minute match had a sunset flip, and the British Bulldog grabbed both of Bret’s legs to hold on for the victory. 

Both men took in what had just taken place. After a moment or two, the two superstars embraced after the match with Diana. All was well in the family. 

Many wrestlers in the organization, as it was later known, didn’t understand why the Intercontinental title was going to be the main event. However, having been in Davey’s home country, there was no doubt that fans would be excited regardless of what title or type of match was taking place. 

Bret, surprisingly, also admitted years later that he had to carry the entire match as Davey was not prepared. On top of that, Smith had been accused of by some of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

It is interesting to hear about surprising stories of big matches decades later. 

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