Chelsea Green Reveals First DMs She Received From Matt Cardona (

Felix Upton

Chelsea Green and Matt Cardona are engaged to be married now, but every relationship has a beginning. Green recently shared how her relationship started while participating in a viral trend of “how it started vs how it’s going.”

Cardona credits Cody and Brandi Rhodes for convincing him to ask out Chelsea Green to begin with. They are close friends outside of the pro wrestling business. It seems Cardona isn’t one to DM, but he made an exception so Chelsea Green got his number.

Chelsea Green shared the first DMs she received from Matt Cardona. This took place on January 13th, 2017 at 2:16 AM. He sent her his phone number while explaining that he isn’t a big fan of DMing people. He then had to send a second DM because the first number he gave her was wrong.

Chelsea Green replied saying that she’ll text him back “at a more appropriate time.” It’s notable that she got right back to him. She obviously got back to him and things worked out.