Chris Jericho And MJF Go From Dancing To Fighting In Record Time (

Cain A. Knight

Following up on last week’s song and dance routine over a steak dinner, Chris Jericho and MJF fielded some questions in a town hall format on tonight’s (Oct. 28) episode of Dynamite.

There was some fun to be had here, such as a question from “Eric B. from Wyoming”, as well as Tony Schiavone showing the proper way for a debate moderator to deal with a prima donna who keeps interrupting and can’t keep his mouth shut.

But once the fun with Eric Bischoff was over, there was business to tend to. AEW has their Full Gear pay-per-view coming up on Nov. 7, and of course Chris Jericho still needs a match on that card.

So here’s what’s going to happen. Jericho announced that in order for MJF to join the Inner Circle, all he has to do is defeat Jericho in a singles match at Full Gear.

MJF got real serious and told Jericho multiple times that he will do absolutely anything to win at Full Gear.

The rest of the Inner Circle are not happy with the idea of MJF joining them. But could this all be one big nefarious plot, where the “anything” that MJF is willing to do includes stealing the entire Inner Circle away from Jericho, giving Jericho the boot, and assuming leadership himself?

What do you think will happen at Full Gear when Jericho and MJF go one-on-one?

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