CM Punk Is Really Impressed With Pat McAfee (

Sean Rueter

Any time CM Punk talks or tweets wrestling, it’s news. He’s always been a personality who gets a reaction, and his exit from WWE & choice to remain largely outside the business has only increased fans fascination.

So this tweet from Punk was going to get attention. But that will be even more magnified because, (a) it’s about someone’s mic skill, and Punk is known as one of the best promos in history, and (b) because it’s critical of a lot of other people’s mic skills. Punk’s using his praise and criticism to motivate, but some aren’t going to credit him for that – or even believe that was a sincere intent.

Before I opine any more about Punk’s tweet, here it is:

Former NFL All-Pro turned multimedia personality has impressed a lot of people with his promo work… and how quickly he’s picked up all aspects of the pro wrestling business. Punk recognizing that is cool, and not controversial.

The rest, which can be interpreted as being directed at everyone in NXT, everyone in WWE, or everyone in wrestling, is what’s going to get wrestling fans talking.

Which is one of the things Punk’s the best in the world at.

Do you agree with where he has McAfee in his promo power rankings? How about how he says it should make other wrestlers feel?