CMLL News: King Of The Underworld, Reyna Isis Keeps Women’s Belt, More! (

Manolo Has Pizzazz

Welcome to the CMLL Roundup. Friday night’s show featured the King of the Underworld championship on the line, a women’s title defense, and a potential rudo turn for pretty boy tecnicos in a Day of the Dead special edition.

The main event of the evening was to be crowned King of the Underworld. Since reigning champ Sanson was absent under coronavirus quarantine, we were guaranteed a new Rey del Inframundo. Terrible and Euphoria earned the right to compete after being the final two in last week’s torneo cibernetico.

Fall 1 went to Euphoria when he won a rolling exchange to lock in an octopus-style submission on Terrible’s shoulder. Fall 2 saw Euphoria succumb to the pain of a leglock for Terrible to even the score. Intensity picked up for the third and final chapter. In the end, Terrible blocked a clothesline to wrap Euphoria up in a cradle pin for the win. Terrible is the new King of the Underworld!

Reyna Isis competed in her first defense of the Mexican National Women’s Championship. Lluvia received her delayed title shot after being pulled due to COVID from the 87th Anniversary show. Isis was Lluvia’s replacement and took the title from Metalica, so it was only fitting that these two would now meet in the ring.

Lluvia took the first fall via arm stretch submission. Isis rebounded to win the second fall via modified surfboard submission. Isis pulled it through in the end with a DVD. No better show to pull out a Death Valley Driver than on Day of the Dead.

Brothers Angel de Oro and Niebla Roja leaned slightly to the rudo side by stealing the win from their teammate Forastero against Negro Casas, Titan, and Soberano Jr. Forastero was engaged in fisticuffs with Negro Casas. When Forastero backed away to rev up for a running attack, Angel de Oro swooped in for victory with la casita pin.

In the post-fight interview backstage, Angel and Niebla sarcastically chided Forastero about taking too long. It would be interesting if Los Hermanos Chavez turned to the dark side. The reaction from live crowds was becoming mixed between cheers and jeers, back when there were live crowds. It’s a tough life being a pretty boy.

This last highlight clip features part of the opening ceremony to give a feel of the festivities at hand for the Día de Muertos theme. The losers of the micros match were taken to the underworld.

We’ll close with an update on the heath of Volador Jr. His nose was a bloody mess last week. Thankfully, it was not as bad as it looked. The damage was only a cut rather than a broken beak.

Where does the Rey del Inframundo title rank on your scale of novelty championships in wrestling?