Could we see Kane at Wrestlemania?

Posted by on March 23, 2020 2:45 pm

Could we see Kane at Wrestlemania?

With Wrestlemania 36 less than 2 weeks away, and WWE doing all they can to please us fans, 1 would think some legendary appearances would be made! The coronavirus has made things difficult for the entire world, but for some Wrestling fans, Wrestling is their entire world and it’s taken a big hit. Wrestlemania will take place at the performance center with no audience.

Phenomenal One vs. Phenom

One of the Marquee matches is Undertaker vs. AJ Styles. And as we all know, The Club (Luke gallows and Karl Anderson) like to get involved in AJ’s affairs! Well what better way to even the odds for The Deadman than to have his kayfabe brother, The Big Red Machine Kane come out for some destruction!

That’s still 2 on 3! But that doesn’t mean The Brothers of Destruction still can’t lay waste to 3 mere mortals?! The Deadman and the Devils Favorite Demon! But there is still 1 more person who can come out and even the odds!

Aleister Black! As we’ve seen recently Black, Takers and The Clubs paths have all intertwined! By the end of the match could you picture The Club duking it out with The Brothers of Destruction and Aleister Black?! I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing that!

But the question would remain which version of Kane would come out?! Certainly not Mayor Glenn Jacobs! I would love to see Kane return in his original attire! But really would it matter? So what do you think guys? Would you like to see this happen? Or just AJ vs Taker 1 on 1, no outside interference?