Daniel Bryan Mocks Donald Trump During Presidential Debate & Deletes Tweet (ringsidenews.com)

H Jenkins

The final presidential debate went down tonight, and there was a lot to take in. We’re not getting political here at Ringside News, but we can say that our favorite debate this year took place on AEW Dynamite.

Daniel Bryan was watching the debate tonight. He sent out a tweet after Donald Trump made a comment about how he was not racist. Then Daniel Bryan took a second to think it over before deleting the tweet.

“I am the least racist person in this room” literally made me laugh out loud. In my hotel room. By myself. #Debates2020

He received 903 retweets, 95 quote retweets, and 4,380 likes for that tweet prior to deleting it.

Daniel Bryan works for a company with an owner that is quite friendly with the current President of the United States of America. That might have encouraged him to hit that delete button. Someone saved his tweet which you can check out below.