Posted by on March 19, 2020 1:43 pm

Edge calls out Roman Reigns on Twitter. “Big Pup”

After WWE announced that Wrestlemania would be split up into 2 nights, everyone has been wondering what that means? As I asked in my last article would that mean 2 main events? Well apparently that is the case! And it looks like Roman Reigns is claiming one of those main events.

But that did not sit well with Edge, claiming if Randy Orton had any balls he would have accepted Edge’s Last Man Standing challenge by now, and fans would know that is the true main event!

Edge also called himself “The Wolf”, of course to show superiority over Roman. Lol grown men subliminally marking their territory. With Edge signing on for 9 matches in total it’s almost inevitable we see Roman vs Edge in the future. And this right here is planting some small seeds. Spear vs Spear at Wrestlemania, Goldberg vs Reigns. If Reigns wins that match, he can then challenge Edge to see who really has the best spear in WWE!