Jake Paul Knocks Out Ben Askren At Triller Fight Club

Steve Carrier

Jake Paul and Ben Askren threw down at Triller Fight Club, and it was the headlining fight for a night full of entertainment.

Paul came out with a robot behind him. He needed a mascot so he got one. Then it was time for the fight that everyone showed up to see.

Michael Buffer himself announced this main event fight. That proves how much money they busted out for this one. Once they were ready to rumble, the two went at it in the ring.

Paul knocked Askren down under a minute into the first round. Then the referee called the fight after Ben Askren was rocked. Snoop Dogg was very happy because he bet $2 million on Jake Paul.

Ben Askren tried to plead his case with the referee, but he wouldn’t let the fight continue. This continues Jake Paul’s undefeated record in boxing with his third win.