Jimmy Rave Forced To Retire After Sudden Arm Amputation (www.cagematch.net)

H Jenkins

Jimmy Rave had hard news to deliver today. He retired from professional wrestling after spending 21 years in the sport he loves.

He discovered an infection in his arm last Tuesday. Doctors tried to save it, but it was too late. His arm had to be amputated. The former ROH and Impact Wrestler has to retire, and very suddenly.

Rave wrestled all over, and you can see his career in graphic form thanks to Cagematch below. It really puts it into perspective how many people he entertained over the years.

His in-ring career is now over. He didn’t note what he will do next, but Rave has already received a ton of support from the pro wrestling community. This is heartbreaking to hear.

Our best goes out to Jimmy Rave as he enters this next chapter in his career.