Posted by on March 23, 2020 3:49 pm

Latest news on CM Punk return rumors.

For years fans have chanted “CM PUNK CM PUNK” when there’s a boring segment or match on SmackDown, Raw or pay-per-views. Or just to annoy the McMahon’s. But he has always made it pretty clear that he had no desire to return to the WWE. That is until recently. As many of us know he works for FOX not WWE on the show “WWE Backstage”. Which obviously lead to many believing he was actually set for a surprise in ring return. Punk himself has stated for enough money he would definitely return. Seth Rollins did all he could to bait Punk into a match but to no avail.

Latest word from Dave Meltzer and Wrestling Observer Radio is the WWE feels “pretty negative” about Punk. And have a lot of “bitterness” towards him. But that Punk has no bitterness towards WWE. As of now there’s absolutely no plans for WWE to have Punk appear at Wrestlemania, or in WWE anytime soon. In fact WWE hasn’t even promoted the fact that Punk works on one of their shows.

So for all the fans that read this, hoping for some good news … I’m sorry. But there’s seemingly no plans for CM Punk to step back in a WWE ring. I mean it would be great if this was all a work and he was set for a Mania appearance. But it definitely seems like that is not the case. But as always if anything changes, I’ll let you all know!