Let’s Talk About Carmella’s New Entrance (www.cagesideseats.com)

Sean Rueter

En route to her current role as the #1 contender to SmackDown Women’s champion Sasha Banks, Carmella has been unveiling a whole new character and presentation.

The former Fabulous, now Untouchable One had her first match since Money in the Bank on the blue show last night (Dec. 11), which meant we got a lot of firsts.

Mella now has a valet/henchperson, her sommelier Akeem Young (former Cirque du Soleil performer Sidney Bateman, who was signed as part of Mercedes Martinez’s Performance Center class earlier this year).

We now know that she wrestles in a red vinyl lingerie/fishnet leggings ensemble.


And, there’s her entirely new entrance, which starts with a curiously angled spotlight silhouette, ditches the “F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S” theme for an operatic dance tune.

It’s A LOT. And it’s garnered decidedly mixed reactions.

Personally, while I’m not really a fan of much of WWE’s new entrance music these days, and this strikes me as a hodge podge of ideas that were probably mothballed along with the Emmalina and pre-Lana’s wedding Liv Morgan characters… I kind of like it?

It seems to fit what Carmella wants to do with her Queenpin character. She looks hot. There are details that could be improved – they could make her boots look less tennis shoes, which doesn’t fit either the bad or sexy b!tch vibe she seems to be going for. And if you’re going to call Young a sommelier and pretend Mella’s is a top shelf operation, he needs to offer something other than $10 bottles of sparking wine. Doesn’t Carm have a winery? How about one of those Undertake cab sauvs?

But as much as I enjoyed her moonwalking, leopard-print wearing schtick at times, and this new song will never get stuck in my head like “Fabulous”, I think it can work.

That’s just one middle-aged guy’s opinion, though. Let us know what you think.