Posted by on March 26, 2020 12:03 am

Matt Hardy “teleports” to ring to face off against Jericho

Jericho started the segment begging Hardy’s drone to join the Inner Circle, but it quickly buzzed away. This showed Hardy at the top of the venue as he “teleported” his way to the ring.

Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho had a hilarious exchange in the middle of the ring as Jericho asked Hardy if he was with the Elite or the Inner Circle? However, Hardy kept chanting “Delete”. This made Le Champion upset, which caused Sammy Guevara to come into the ring to help Jericho. The Elite came to Hardy’s defense as the Inner Circle left the ring.

It’s amazing what two veterans can do when they have complete freedom with their wrestling characters. I’m a huge WWE fan, but AEW has definitely had the upper hand the past couple of weeks while wrestling with no fans in attendance.