Miro Publicly Embarrasses Sheamus With Birthday Present (www.ringsidenews.com)

Felix Upton

It’s Sheamus’ birthday today, and The Celtic Warrior’s friends are having a lot of fun with his presents. Miro used this opportunity to embarrass his buddy, and we’re here for it.

We previously reported that Drew McIntyre got Sheamus a huge blanket with the birthday boy and his dogs on it. McIntyre said he got this gift so Sheamus can sleep with himself.

Miro had a lot of fun with Sheamus’ birthday gift as well. He met Sheamus in public to give him a life-sized “flasher Gremlin” from the movie Gremlins. Sheamus tweeted out a couple photos from the encounter while thanking the former Rusev for very public way in which he presented this gift.

this isn’t awkward at all… thanks for bringing my pressie to the restaurant @ToBeMiro… always wanted a life-size #flashergremlin

If you want one of these, we’re pretty sure that we’ve tracked the item down. The Flasher Gremlin can be yours for $280. That isn’t a bad birthday gift. It was worth so much more considering how Miro delivered it.