News On How The Recent WWE Performance Center COVID-19 Outbreak Started (

As noted before, there was a COVID-19 “outbreak of sorts” at the WWE Performance Center last Friday. This led to several talents being put into a two-week quarantine due to contact tracing.

In an update, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that one of the WWE Performance Center coaches tested positive for the coronavirus, and that’s what led to the outbreak and quarantine.

The coach, who has not been identified as of this writing, was coaching talents on Friday, October 23. Every talent who was being coached and every one who was around this coach were told to quarantine for two weeks.

It was also noted that there were apparently other positive COVID-19 test results, but they were mostly people new to the developmental system, who were around the coach, and no one who appeared on WWE NXT TV.

It’s believed that the outbreak led to at least one person being removed from this week’s NXT Halloween Havoc special – the person who was to be revealed as the mystery attacker in the Scream mask. You can click here for details on who was set to be revealed as the attacker.

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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