On this day in 2001: Last WCW Nitro aired

Posted by on March 26, 2020 3:49 pm

On this day in 2001: Last WCW Nitro aired

On March 26, 2001, WCW aired its last episode from Panama City, Florida.

Advertising the last ever WCW Nitro in Panama City. Who wouldn’t buy a ticket for $30?

Three days before on March 23rd, WWF purchased the declining WCW for $4.2 million which included the name/logo and their video library.

Vince McMahon announces on 3/26/2001 that he has purchased WCW. However, Shane says he’s the only McMahon on the buyout papers.

Don’t you recall how surreal it felt seeing Vince McMahon on a Nitro episode? Then, quickly turning to Raw to see the same video feed? Oh, what a time to be alive!

Vince and Shane were already in the middle of a feud which they would have a street fight match at Wrestlemania X-Seven in the Astrodome.

Full video of the McMahon’s Street Fight Match at Wrestlemania X-Seven

Prior to the match starting, Shane McMahon gave a shout-out to all the WCW wrestlers who were in attendance at Wrestlemania. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any of WCW’s top performers since they were still under contract with Time Warner.

The final main event for WCW Nitro: Sting vs. Ric Flair

What were some of your favorite WCW moments? Mine definitely was the New World Order and Sting feud.