PHOTOS: The Undertaker’s Daughter Dresses Up Like Him For Halloween (

Andrew Ravens

Although 2020 has been a strange year for everyone, kids will still be able to dress up for Halloween.

The Undertaker’s daughter decided to dress up as her father for the holiday this year. From head to toe, she replicated his iconic look from the hat, a special mask with the eyes rolled back, MMA gloves, ring jacket, and boots.

Former WWE Divas Champion and the wife of Taker, Michelle McCool, took to her Instagram account to share some photos. She wrote the following in the caption:

So, recall the 1st “Undertaker appreciation post”? Kaia wins costume contest today and it goes like this:

Daddy: “I guess somebody does actually know who I am!

Kaia: ”yeah, because I TOLD THEM! Hey mom….i know what you need to be for Halloween!

Me:” what?”

Kaia: ”a wrestler that’s beat daddy and walk around with me. I’ll act like I’ve been beat up!”

Me: ”well, who should i be?”

K: ”take your pick!”

Taker also made a special appearance on The Tonight Show to hit his signature Tombstone Piledriver to a scarecrow. He’ll also be appearing at this year’s Survivor Series pay-per-view event.