Renee Young’s Cookbook Isn’t Out Until May. It’s Already A Bestseller (

Sean Rueter

In July, back when we were still calling her Renee Young, Renee Paquette got wrestling fans all worked by promising a “big, fat announcement.”

Many speculated she would reveal she was leaving WWE, but that news didn’t come until almost two months later. Instead, Renee told the world she was… publishing a cookbook!

Now, we know when that will arrive. And we got a look at the cover!

She dropped that pre-order link for Messy In The Kitchen on us yesterday (Oct. 29), along with the release date – May 18, 2021.

Look what’s happened since!

If it was anyone else, we’d worry about her getting a big head. But Renee’s too delightful, and too Canadian, to go on an ego trip. Plus, her hubby will keep her grounded, we’re sure.

Excited to check out Paquette’s Guide to Eating Deliciously, Hosting Fabulously and Sipping Copiously? If you are, better place your order now!