Seth Rollins talks about “Negativity and hostility” towards WWE over cutting talents. Full updated list of cuts.

Posted by on April 16, 2020 12:32 am

Seth Rollins talks about “Negativity and hostility” towards WWE over cutting talents. Full updated list of cuts.

As most people know, the WWE cut several talents today due to changes caused by coronavirus. The fully updated list of everyone cut is at the bottom. It’s most likely to save money. Several talents spoke out about it, but none bigger than Seth Rollins. Here’s what Seth had to say on his IG live.

Full video.

“One thing I am seeing that is a little upsetting to me is all the negativity and hostility towards WWE,” Rollins said. “This is a difficult day for everyone, for all of us, and I think if there ever was a moment for us to unify, for us to kind of band together and to try to do the best we can, to keep this business alive the best we know how, that this is that moment. I think pointing fingers or saying you should have done this, or you should have done that… I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel like the time nor the place for it. I think this is a day for compassion, and for empathy, and for understanding, and to try to support each other, to pick each other up. That’s for everybody, not just the guys and girls that were let go.

“For all of us that were fortunate enough at this moment to still be able to have a position where we can collect a paycheck, and we can support those who love us and those around us, I think we have to take it upon ourselves to work harder to make sure that there’s a place for all those that had it worse today to come back to. As a planet, we can rally around the idea that this is only temporary and those that lost their positions and are struggling to figure out what to do next, that they will be able to make it back from this. Whether that’s with WWE or with another organization, or a completely new field, this isn’t the end. I think that if we start fighting among ourselves, it’s only going to make things worse. So, I just encourage everyone to try to come together on this, try to support each other, and lift each other up.”

Fully updated list of cuts.

* MJ Jenkins
* Deonna Purrazzo
* Aleksandar Jaksic
* Rusev
* Zack Ryder
* No Way Jose
* Mike Kanellis
* Maria Kanellis
* Primo
* Epico
* Rowan
* Sarah Logan
* Karl Anderson
* Luke Gallows
* EC3
* Drake Maverick
* Curt Hawkins
* Heath Slater
* Eric Young
* Lio Rush

PRODUCERS (Furloughed or released):
* Kurt Angle
* Billy Kidman
* Mike Rotunda
* Pat Buck
* Fit Finlay
* Shawn Daivari
* Scott Armstrong
* Sarah Stock
* Shane Helms
* Lance Storm

* Serena Deeb
* Kendo Kashin
* Chris Guy (Ace Steel)

* Aiden English
* Jerry Soto

* Mike Chioda

* Andrea Listenberger

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