Spoilers: WWE MYC Tapings For Tonight (www.wrestlinginc.com)

Marc Middleton

Remember to join us tonight at 9pm ET for our live Viewing Party.

* First Round Match, 15 minute time limit: Io Shirai defeated Xia Brookside to advance. Fast start, as Xia attacks with forearms. Io hits a headstand on the top rope into brutal knees to the chest. Chinbreaker from Xia. Huge punch by Io. Double knees in the corner and a moonsault, and this one is over. Fun sprint to end night one of the tapings

* First Round Match, 15 minute time limit: Hiroyo Matsumoto defeated Rachel Evers to advance. Collar and elbow stalemate to start. They trade shots, until Hiroyo knocks Evers down. Hiroyo necks Evers on the top and hits a stiff dropkick off the top rope. Hiroyo lays Evers across the middle ropes in the corner and hits running knees. Rachel with a pop-up spinebuster. They trade forearms. Rachel with a cutter and a senton for 2. Rachel with a springboard leg-drop for 2. Hiroyo with slaps, and hits a lariat for 2. Rachel bounces up from a suplex but gets laid out by a clothesline. Huge powerbomb and a side suplex from Hiroyo scores the win. Evers foot was under the rope, but no controversy in the finish. Excellent match

* First Round Match, 15 minute time limit: Taynara Conti defeated Jessie Elaban to advance. Taynara bows instead of the handshake. Taynara with an STO. Taynara is dominating and working over the arm. Jessie fights back with dropkicks and takes control. Taynara hits a spinning side slam for the win

* First Round Match, 15 minute time limit: Nicole Matthews defeated Isla Dawn to advance. Nicole with a head pat in the corner. Isla with a double stomp and a jumping double knees for 2. Nicole has control for most of the match. Isla fights back with a big side suplex. Fisherman suplex for 2 from Isla. Nicole with a Liontamer with her knee in Isla’s neck and Isla is forced to tap out