The Miz Gets A WWE Championship Rematch On Raw Tonight

Geno Mrosko

Bobby Lashley absolutely destroyed The Miz in the main event of last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw to win the WWE championship for the first time. It was a dominant, emphatic victory that made clear a rematch would be entirely unnecessary.

We’re getting one anyway.

WWE announced as much a short time ago:

It wasn’t that long ago that WWE did away with the automatic rematch, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t already reverted back. I can’t think of a single good reason to give Miz a shot at the title again here, in storyline at least.

Hey, they have three hours of programming to fill up every Monday night. There’s that.

This is in addition to the previously announced WWE championship celebration with The Hurt Business and Braun Strowman demanding Shane McMahon apologize to him for costing him the Raw tag team titles last week.

We’ll see where Drew McIntyre falls into the picture here just a couple weeks out from Fastlane.