Watch Cesaro Try To Launch Montez Ford Out Of ThunderDome Over & Over (

Sean Rueter

Where does this spot, from Street Profits victory over The Artists on SmackDown last night (Oct. 30), rank in the pantheon of great WWE GIFs?

Honestly, it’s probably middle of the pack. Just from recent memory, I wouldn’t put it in the same class as “Keith Lee pounces Adam Cole five rows into the seats at Full Sail,” or some of the wackier Braun Strowman moments we’ve been treated to.

But as a tribute to how great Montez Ford is at selling (among other things), and a reminder of how impressive Cesaro can be (at almost everything), it’s well worth watching… over and over and…

Even the camera work and production choice is worth a shout out. You’ll not only believe a man can fly, you’ll believe he can be shoved into the air so hard he disappears into a sea of digital faces.

Wrestling can be just what you need sometimes.