WWE & AEW Both Interested In Thunder Rosa (www.ringsidenews.com)

H Jenkins

WWE has their eye on a few people, and one of them is Thunder Rosa. They wanted her to have a tryout a while ago, but for a referee role. She couldn’t make that tryout due to a hurricane getting in the way. Her recent NWA Women’s Title loss is interesting timing.

Dave Meltzer reported, in a tweet he later deleted, that WWE was interested in Thunder Rosa. He deleted the tweet because he mistakenly said that Serena Deeb is an Impact star.

Later on, he re-posted the scoop, and he included that AEW was also interested in Thunder Rosa.

Serena Deeb of AEW (sorry) won the NWA women’s title from Thunder Rosa tonight. We did hear about this likely happening and that both WWE & AEW had interest in her.

There could be a bidding war for Thunder Rosa very soon. She most recently defended the NWA Women’s Title in an AEW ring. WWE also has a lot of resources at their disposal.

We’ll continue to monitor this ongoing situation, but Thunder Rosa is apparently in high demand.