WWE Dropped Possible Eva Marie Return Tease During RAW You Might Have Missed (www.ringsidenews.com)

Felix Upton

WWE reportedly signed Eva Marie to a new contract in September, but she hasn’t made her return just yet. The rumor mill is churning now after she dropped a very interesting photo on Tuesday after RAW.

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Angel Garza performed another one of his promos this week where he looked directly at the camera and floated words of a lothario at an unknown person. This week, a hand reached out and grabbed a rose that he offered this unseen woman.

Eva Marie posted a very interesting Instagram photo on Tuesday morning. She was seen holding red roses, just like the one Angel Garza handed a mystery woman.

We’ll wait and see what’s to come in this situation. It could be Eva Marie toying with fans, or a big coincidence. Either way, the timing was pretty spot on.