WWE NXT Results (9/26): Tommaso Ciampa Vs. Otis Dozovic, Kairi Sane In Action, Street Profits (www.wrestlinginc.com)

Joshua Gagnon

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NXT General Manager William Regal heads out to the ring to talk about the attack on Aleister Black. Before he can say much out comes the Undisputed Era. Cole on the mic and says week after week it’s the same old thing, Regal continues to play Sherlock Holmes rather than doing his job. Cole says Black attack is on Regal and these unprovoked attacks shouldn’t happen anymore. Roderick Strong asks about him doing something about the War Raiders coming after them. Regal says it’s pretty interesting that the moment he mentions the attack they show up.

The three get in the ring and Cole isn’t pleased with Regal trying to pin it on them and also trying to change the subject away from the War Raiders and NXT North American Champion Ricochet (who Cole says has been ducking him). Cole wants his title rematch right now, he’s very bothered Pete Dunne got one before him. Regal says Cole is only now asking about a title match after Dunne soften up Ricochet. Regal says Cole isn’t getting his rematch right now because he robbed Dunne of his title opportunity last week. Regal says Cole will get his shot in two weeks against Ricochet and Dunne. Regal then says O’Reilly and Strong will defend their tag titles against the War Raiders in three weeks. Undisputed Era isn’t happy about any of this. Regal heads to the back.

– Earlier today, Johnny Gargano is asked about his upcoming match, says he’s feeling good about it. He’s then asked about his loss to Velveteen Dream and why he apologized. Gargano said he didn’t like where he was going, so he went home to get his head right. Gargano says whining and complaining isn’t who he is. Gargano heads off with Candice LeRae, but Lacey Evans walks up on them to talk some trash about LeRae not standing by her man when he needed her. Evans put her hand on Gargano and LeRae smacks it away, Evans heads off, LeRae isn’t happy.

– Photo shoot, Velveteen Dream ends the session, Cathy Kelley tries to get a word from him, but he initially walks away. He finally stops and asks her want she wants to talk about. Dream says he’s not going to talk about Johnny “Failure,” Tommaso Ciampa, or Aleister Black. Kelley thinks Dream is implying that Ciampa is the one who attacked Black. He comes back and says he’s not a snitch, the writing is on the wall though, and she should go do her job to find out.

Lars Sullivan vs. Victor Orchant

Sullivan with a big powerslam right off the bat. Couple clotheslines in the corner and he launches his opponent across the ring a couple times. He ends up falling out of the ring, Sullivan looks down at him and EC3 ends up coming into the ring and attacking Sullivan from behind. Referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Lars Sullivan via DQ

– Post-match, EC3 knocks Sullivan out of the ring, he lands on his feet and heads back up on the apron. Sullivan gets a choke hold on EC3, but EC3 knocks him back and down to the floor. Sullivan smiles as he backs up the ring, EC3 yells at him from the ring.

– Backstage Regal is asked about the Aleister Black investigation. He says he’s narrowed things down, but needs some answers. Nikki Cross suddenly comes out of Regal’s office and says she needs to play with Bianca Belair again. She then tells Regal “I know!” over and over, then walks off.

The Mighty vs. Street Profits

The Mighty head out with Street Profits’ chains and party cup. A very serious Ford and Dawkins head out to the ring, no dancing tonight. Dawkins just pops Thorne in the face before the match can get started. Dawkins and Miller get going in the ring, Dawkins with a spinning splash in the corner. Thorne jumps in the ring, double running bulldog by Dawkins. Ford tags in, huge flip over the top rope. Thorne dives at him and he dodges him jumping up on the apron, making it look easy.

Dawkins back in the ring, continues to work over Thorne. Miller with a slight distraction, Thorne gets in a dropkick to slow Dawkins down. The Mighty continue to beat up Dawkins in their corner. Miller with a backdrop, cover, two. Dawkins is finally able to get to Ford, Ford with some hefty clotheslines, flips over Miller, sends Thorne out to the floor and knocks Miller down with a spinning heel kick.

Ford gets caught and sent into the ring post while on the apron, his leg falls between the steps and ring post, Thorn with a dropkick to the steps to crush Ford’s leg. Miller brings him back in and begins to really focus on that banged up leg. Double side russian leg sweep, big kick to the leg by Thorne, sliding clothesline by Miller, cover, two-count. Modified figure-four on Ford in the middle of the ring. Ford tries to fight out of it with some chops to the chest. Ford really need to tag out, but can’t quite do it. Double clotheslines, Miller tried to yank Dawkins off the apron, no luck. Thorne with a figure-four jackknife pin, Miller holds Dawkins’ leg so he can’t get in the ring and that will do it.

Winner: The Mighty via Pinfall

Kairi Sane vs. Vanessa Borne (Non-Title Match)

Borne tries on Sane’s hat as we get things started. Borne with a kick to the stomach, spinning suplex, cover, two. Some back and forth action, but Sane hits borne with the spear and finishes her off with the insane elbow.

Winner: Kairi Sane via Pinfall

– Post-match, Shayna Baszler came out to tell Sane she wants her rematch and plans on taking back her title. Sane says that works and they can meet at WWE Evolution and she will beat Baszler again. Baszler heads to the back as Sane holds up the title.

– Backstage, Tucker Knight gets Otis Dozovic hyped up for his match against Tommaso Ciampa.

– Earlier today, Keith Lee is asked what’s next after starting out 2-0. Kona Reeves talks some trash and Lee says how about they get in the ring so Reeves can bask in his glory.

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Otis Dozovic (Non-Title Match)

Dozovic gets off to a fast start, using his strength against Ciampa. He throws the champ into the corner and he ends crashing to the floor. Ciampa jumps off the second rope, Ciampa catches him, spins around, body slam. Ciampa rolls out to the floor, but Dozovic chases after. Otis with a clubbing blow to the chest, another one, tosses Ciampa into the ring. Ciampa catches him and looks for the DDT, but ends up getting dumped out to the floor.

Otis with a worm to taunt Ciampa a bit. Ciampa tries to pull his opponent out to the floor by his foot, but not luck. Otis doesn’t even move, then steps on Ciampa’s back. Otis lifts and drops Ciampa on the apron. Ciampa hammer Otis on the back of the head and then slams him back on the ramp. Ciampa gets Otis on the apron, knee to the face, Otis is rolled into the middle of the ring, cover, two. Ciampa with another big running knee, cover, two. Neckbreaker by the champ, sleeper hold, Otis drops him back in the corner.

Ciampa reapplies it, and Otis just falls back with Ciampa on his back. Otis with big haymakers, launches Ciampa across the ring. Ciampa with a kick to the face, Otis with a massive lariat, cover, two-count. Ciampa heads out to the floor, gets his title, and heads up to the stage. Tucker Knight shows up and stops him in his tracks. Otis with a clothesline, sends him back in the ring, big splash in the corner, overhead release suplex, another splash in the corner, another overhead release suplex. Ciampa trying to run away from Otis, not much luck as Otis gives him another suplex on the floor! Back in the ring, elbow drop, cover, two.

Otis tries for a powerbomb, Ciampa flips out of it, looks to bump the referee a bit, Otis then plants Ciampa, cover, two-count. Otis heads up to the second rope, Ciampa rolls out to the apron, hits a DDT on the apron and Otis crumples out to the floor. Otis makes his way back up to the apron, Ciampa with another draping DDT, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa via Pinfall