WWE Offering NXT WarGames For $0.99 (ringsidenews.com)

Felix Upton

WarGames is this Sunday live on the WWE Network. We will also have full coverage here at Ringside News. The company is wanting as many fans to see this event as possible.

WWE Network used to give out free months whenever someone signed up. Some fans abused this free month, so they stopped giving the WWE Network away. They’re bringing back a special deal for WarGames.

The Company is advertising a special deal for the WWE Network. They are giving fans a month of the subscription service for 99 cents.

This 99 cents deal will also include TLC on December 20th. The company obviously wants to get as many subscribers as they can. The calendar will turn to 2021 very soon, and they want to start the new year with the biggest subscription number possible.