WWE Selling Hideous New Sami Zayn Merch (www.ringsidenews.com)

Felix Upton

Apollo Crews suggested a new piece of merchandise for Sami Zayn this week on SmackDown. It wasn’t well received at all. Then WWE proceeded to drop a new shirt for Zayn that was even worse.

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WWE Shop is now selling a t-shirt for Sami Zayn that just says: “I’m the Intercontinental Champion” on it. This black t-shirt with white lettering isn’t the best design in the world, but it might have another purpose.

Pat Patterson, who Sami Zayn loved dearly, once wore a t-shirt that said “1st IC Champ” on it. The design is totally different from the one that WWE just dropped for Sami Zayn, but the idea is similar.

We’re going to consider this new t-shirt for Sami Zayn as a tribute to Pat Patterson so it doesn’t seem so awful. You can check it out below.