WWE Selling Undertaker Limited Edition Box For Demonic Price (www.ringsidenews.com)

Felix Upton

WWE celebrated The Undertaker’s legacy in a big way at Survivor Series. The Deadman gave his Final Farewell, and they brought in tons of his old friends to say goodbye. The company also dropped plenty of new merchandise.

The Undertaker now has a special edition box on WWE’s official shop. This box includes a few cool items including an Undertaker cosplay set. What really got our attention was the fact that WWE slapped a $66.60 price tag on this item.

666 is often thought of as an evil number. It was also apparently an appropriate price point for this Undertaker box which really tied everything together. This special edition box includes the following.

“Evolution of the Deadman” Poster

Undertaker & Paul Bearer Vinyl Figures – Ooooh Yessssss! 

“Ministry of Darkness” Enamel Pin

Replica Undertaker Tie

Replica Undertaker Gloves

Rubber Undertaker Mask

If $66.60 seems like too much, they might drop down the price eventually. The dollar amount was certainly an added bonus to bring the entire Big Evil box together.

The Undertaker might have given his Final Farewell at Survivor Series, but he singed a new 15 year contract in March. WWE could keep putting out those $66.60 boxes for years to come.