WWE Wants You To Know Jey Uso Messed Daniel Bryan Up Real Bad (www.wwe.com)

Sean Rueter

SmackDown was a mixed bag on Oct. 30 – at least in this writer’s humble opinion. But it was bookended by the latest compelling segments in the Roman Reigns/Jey Uso program, which featured an award-worthy performance by Uso.

At the end of the show-closing scene, Jey demonstrates to his cousin how fully he’s embraced Roman’s ruthless philosophy by decimating Daniel Bryan. The broadcast ended shortly after Uso (mostly) hit a Samoan Splash through Bryan and the commentary desk. But WWE also shared this footage from after the show where Jey continues the assault, even as trainers are trying to stretcher DB out of ThunderDome.

But that’s not all! They also post this update to their website, where they play medical and anatomy Mad Libs to get the point across… Jey $#(%ed Dan up:

Following his match with Jey Uso on Friday Night SmackDown, Daniel Bryan was evaluated in the WWE trainer’s room, complaining of back and lower abdominal pain.

WWE Medical recommended Bryan be transported to a local medical facility where multiple imaging tests were performed and revealed a bruised kidney and multiple strains and contusions throughout his thoracic and lumbar spine.

Bryan was released from the facility last night and is now convalescing at home.

Ts & Ps (h/t Pat McAfee) to Mr. Bryan as he convalesces.

And, Uce? You’ve changed, Uce.