You Can Thank Miro For Lana’s… Innovative… Pin On Nia Jax (

Sean Rueter

Say what you will about this Lana/Nia Jax program, but it’s provided us with quite a few laughs.

It may be over now, at least for now. But before it goes, it added to the legacy of Nia falling through the ropes and “boobs on her back”. Lana’s pin of Jax, where she seemed to use the WWE Women’s Tag champ’s backside as a pillow, was pretty humorous on its own.

Her husband Miro couldn’t resist adding his own spin on it…

There probably wasn’t room to practice that in the tank. Good to see these two are constantly working to up their game.

He’ll probably be busy tomorrow night, but does Miro have a technique for rapid healing he can teach Lana before he heads to Dynamite?